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A Time to Reflect

February 24, 2012

by Rachel Kunker

            If you blink too fast, you’ll realize life goes by faster than time.  Looking back on the life I’ve led, I never anticipated my current time to actually approach. If someone had told me I was going to be readying myself for graduation or moving on to college, I would’ve simply nodded and thought to myself they didn’t understand how far off those times were for me. (more…)


A Senior Reflection

February 24, 2012

by Audrey Humphrey

The first half of my senior year has come to an end. While the year so far has gone by very fast, the days earlier in the year seemed to move extremely slow.  I experienced my first “lasts” of my high school career: my last high school retreat and last winter concert. Even though I knew they were the last times I would be participating in those activities, in my heart they truly didn’t feel like the last, and I now understand sooner or later the feelings will come crashing in. (more…)

The Piano

November 15, 2009


a good legacy

On the eve of my grandma’s funeral, I took out a pen and some stationary to write a note to place within her casket. However, as I stared at the blank card with a pen poised in my hand, no thoughts or words came to my mind. At first all I could recollect was her time at the nursing home, crippled and unable to function as an adult. I couldn’t think past the pain Alzheimer’s had caused my grandfather …. (Sarah Rybaltowski)