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Of Truth and God’s Word: an essay in the style of Francis Bacon

March 21, 2014

by Freddy Luna

submitted 2012

            He that believes there is guidance for life aside from God’s Word, will surely find himself in darkness. For what is darkness but absence of light? Light being the truth from God’s own mouth. There is no other truth which can guide with the proper light Divine (Man-Thinking)because there is but one truth. There can only ever be one total truth which casts its bright light and blots out all other falsities in the shadows. How can there be multiple? For this fact alone would make each “truth” null and void. Nay, there is only that which flows from God himself and it is our job to know, study and act on His truth.

Knowing is but two steps away from doing. And is not doing the ideal destiny for any idea?  If one only reads the Word for the benefit of reading then there is no substance or fulfillment. Take a hungry man, for example.  If the hungry man is given the proper food and the proper tools for eating the  food, then why would he simply just stare at the food?  Will his mind and eyes force the food into his mouth, down his throat and into his stomach?  This is how man acts with God’s truth. We read it and suppose it will enter our hearts and fill us.  What foolishness!

Then, there is studying the Word, which is a step closer to action yet still a step away from the transformation!  One who takes God’s truth and studies it with good intent will not be satisfied with solely the knowledge of the Word.  And neither will the Creator be satisfied since His Word is not yet making an impact.  What if a parent were to command a child to clean his room and found no results at the end of the day? Even if the child’s defense is that he made careful study and strategy on how to best clean a room, there is still no action until he enters the room and cleans.  The child could even go to university and get a PhD. in the study of cleaning rooms; it would make no difference in the room’s state of order! Study is a step closer to action, but still a step away.

Finally, there is the full and complete process of action.  And action is the goal of every truth.  For what is the point of truth if it does not provoke doing?  When one moves to following through with God’s commands, all things change because the purpose of these orders are actually being fulfilled.  At last the man’s stomach can be filled and the boy’s room cleaned!  And once these things are complete, there is satisfaction and growth.  Growth especially is the chief interest of God in every believer’s life.  And what does satisfaction produce?  Simply well-being and the desire to stay full of truth by God’s Word, thus repeating the cycle.

To know the Word is well-intended, to study is wise and to do is perfection. Of course, no man can ever be perfect. Instead, God’s perfection can take hold of all men. That is, the glory and grace of God can motivate, encourage and satisfy anyone through the truth of God’s Word. This guidance is clearly presented but the choice to accept it and act on it is most certainly up to the individual.  And since God’s truth is the only light in the ever-present darkness, isn’t it worth applying?


Time to Reflect

February 24, 2012

by Taylor DeMarco

Now that my senior year is about half way complete, it’s a good time to reflect on how much has changed in the past five months. I am still happy with the classes that I have chosen, and also very excited for the new classes of the second semester.

My stress has drastically gone down since I was excepted into college, which also has given me more motivation to excel in the few remaining months of high school life. Ironically, being accepted into college obviously also comes with its own fears of depending on myself for the first time, and the responsibility that comes with it. (more…)

The Wheels Stop Turning

February 22, 2012

by Rachel Kunker

Cars, like most machines, go through many different stages. The diversity of cars is without number as they come in all different shapes and sizes. In addition, all cars tend to exhibit different features or strong points. A car’s lifespan can primarily be broken up into four parts each consisting of two years: being bought new, getting decaled, needing parts, and falling apart.

At the beginning of its life, a new car is envied by everyone. Everyone wants to see it, ride around in it, and just experience the new car. A new car could be described as being pure, not dirtied by the road, scratched from crashes, or torn apart. Its new arrival occupies all the talk of the owner’s friends, and they, too, wish to obtain their own new car. (more…)

Leaves of Life

February 22, 2012

by Audrey Humphrey

Every year leaves change color. They begin young and strong with the color green in spring. As summer rolls in, the leaves grow to the proper size. Their colors brighten in the face of autumn, soaking in the last rays of sun. The darkness of winter soon bears down as the leaves lose their color and float to the ground. The changing of colors occurs within a human life as well.

The green leaves display the strength and vitality of youth. Upon hearing the first cries of a newborn baby, an image of unheard strength comes to mind. The strength crying requires to expel such a tremendous sound from a tiny baby must be extreme. As the baby matures into a toddler a new energy possesses the body. The most challenging period, the terrible twos, displays the constant energy pulsing through the child’s veins, as toddlers tear through the house leaving destruction in his wake. (more…)