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Fashion, Fad or Foolish?

March 21, 2014

leisure suit

by Andrew Moore

As a guy, fashion is one thing that I do not understand. It changes constantly, and if you’re not wearing the “cool” thing then you’re out of style. One day one thing is big, the next day you’re a loser if you’re wearing it. I prefer a  t–shirt and shorts,  but I digress. However, as much as I am not interested in fashion, there is one thing that is “fashionable” that I think is completely ridiculous. This is the “pants on the ground” phenomenon.



A Leg-Up on Leggings

November 25, 2009

Before I was born, leggings seemed to be a fashion statement among girls and women.  Leggings either proved to be a positive addition to one’s wardrobe, or an addition gone terribly wrong…        K. Cospito