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A Life Changing Choice

March 21, 2014

by Lexie Holmes

Abortion, stated as the right to choose, is morally incorrect and should be considered murder. Pro-abortionists imagesbelieve that a woman is not free until given the right to control  her own body. However, the baby is an individual, uniquely and wonderfully created at the time of conception. The baby is no longer part of the “woman’s body,” but is a  human.



The Piano

November 15, 2009


a good legacy

On the eve of my grandma’s funeral, I took out a pen and some stationary to write a note to place within her casket. However, as I stared at the blank card with a pen poised in my hand, no thoughts or words came to my mind. At first all I could recollect was her time at the nursing home, crippled and unable to function as an adult. I couldn’t think past the pain Alzheimer’s had caused my grandfather …. (Sarah Rybaltowski)