Ryan Pellerin

Ryan Michael Pellerin.  A common first and middle name, with a last name that often stumps the most intelligent English “extraordinaires”.  However, normally addressed as Ryan, I sometimes receive the anger-filled Ryan Michael, or Mr. Pellerin, or the slang nicknames RPG, Rye Pells, or Rell Pell.  Even though my name fascinate people, I tend to be a person who is interested in other words as well.

I love to talk.  I love to talk on Facebook, talk on the phone, text, tweet, and any kind of communication.  People have always told me, “You talk too much!!” and normally I just respond by saying that they must not talk enough.  One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my friends, just talking.  I could express my feelings and just discuss life for hours upon end, without becoming bored in any way.  I love listening to other people talk too, as long as what they have to say isn’t excruciatingly boring.  Talkative people have a way of ministering to other people, and I know that many Christians don’t like to reach out of their comfort zones.  Loving to talk makes it easier to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus as their personal Savior and also to be able to help those who maybe just need a friend to help them through something, or to just be there to listen to them.  Talking is one of the greatest privileges we are given as humans.  When used correctly, it can make a positive impact on our society.


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