Natalie Nold

There are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. Just one galaxy, the Milky Way, contains about 300 billion stars. Thomas Edison aimed to create one small invention per week and one society-changing invention every six months.

I like facts. I love anything to do with learning, including school, books, and teachers, whether they teach on purpose or by accident. I adore wisdom, which I believe, as a proverb says, “is more precious than rubies,” and “yields a better return than gold.”

Though a reserved person, I treasure my family and my friends. I regard literature, both fiction and nonfiction, as a powerful tool that can change opinions, lives, and cultures. My role models include those I know, such as my parents; those recorded in history, such as Benjamin Franklin; and those living in fictional stories, such as Gandalf the wizard.

I enjoy writing because it is thought-filled, structured, and concrete. As a result, I often journal in my free time. Journaling allows me to safely vent my feelings, to organize my thoughts, and to see how I change over time. This process ultimately helps me to understand myself better. Blogging is similar to journaling, except that a blogger’s audience is the world rather than just ones’ self, and both the blogger and the followers learn from the writing process. With this in mind, I look forward to writing for and learning from An Upstate State of Mind!


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