Eva Privitera

My personality could be summed up in a word – outgoing. I’m a friendly person who loves to have in-depth conversations with anyone. I love listening to people and I willingly offer advice and encouragement to them. It’s not only enjoyable for me but a privilege because I believe God is using me to speak to individuals. God is the center of my life and heart. I’m not one to care if I make my friends feel awkward by my outgoing personality. It doesn’t take long for those around me to realize that I’m a jokester and love to laugh – something I’ve picked up from my family; an amazing group of people that I would be so lost without!
When it comes to writing I’ve been told that it’s something I’m good at. Every time I write I feel confident and free whether it’s a solid piece or one for the trash. It’s such a joy to me that I almost like writing essays – almost. With literature I’m a sucker for romance; actually, with everything in life I’m a sucker for romance. However, a good romance novel with a heartbreaking ending is my favorite – weird, I know. Though I’ve spent time writing poetry and songs based on romance I haven’t spent much time writing longer works on it but I hope that this year and blog will change that!


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