Clara Quiron

I have often been told that I am a very complex person. Instead of being offended by this, I decided to embrace it. Almost daily, someone makes a comment about how I am so hard to figure out. But that’s just the way I am. Instead of verbally presenting my feelings, I tend to express myself through the activities I do. Dance, volleyball, writing, and singing are all ways in which I express myself without being overly talkative. Growing up as the youngest child in my family I often spent my days playing by myself or finding ways to have fun without my older brother and sister there. This is probably why I sometimes enjoy being alone. Some days I would rather just stay at home watching a good movie than going out with friends. Now don’t get me wrong, I also love to laugh and have a good time. I don’t think there’s ever been a day where I haven’t cracked up at something that happened. Even though I am shy when people first meet me, once they get to know me they realize that I am very outgoing and have a bubbly personality.


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