Chris Murphy

I am an interesting person with many different characteristics.  There are many things I like to do.  I run a busy schedule between school, sports, music, and church.  In my free time, I like to read fantasy, sci-fi, and science books.  I have a passion for science, learning about the world and about how things work.   Life is full of mysteries.  I love learning about them and trying to figure them out for myself.   I love puzzles, and you can find me many times doing Sudoku and riddles for the fun of the challenge.  Music is another area where I excel.  Whether it be classical, hip hop, or jazz, I like to listen to it, and often times experiment with my own harmonies.

I am someone who loves a challenge.  In school I take the hard classes, and am hoping to be an engineer.  Life without challenge is not a life I see worth living.  So I do everything I can to try to push myself to the limit and see what I am capable of.  Writing is a way to express myself.  When I write I have the ability to go into my imagination and experience what I think of.  That is what makes writing so unique.  The reason I am posting my work on this blog is so that I may gain recognition when I succeed, and constructive criticism when I don’t.

I am Chris Murphy, and this is my blog.


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