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A Life Changing Choice

March 21, 2014

by Lexie Holmes

Abortion, stated as the right to choose, is morally incorrect and should be considered murder. Pro-abortionists imagesbelieve that a woman is not free until given the right to control  her own body. However, the baby is an individual, uniquely and wonderfully created at the time of conception. The baby is no longer part of the “woman’s body,” but is a  human.



The Force of Power: An Essay in the Style of Francis Bacon

March 21, 2014

   by Natalie Nold

Power, craved by many men, is the cursed prize that can destroy their character.              power image

The best leader is a humble servant to those he leads; often, the best leaders do not wish to lead but carry out their duties as best they can.                                                                                                     (more…)

The Art of Chivalry … by Eva Privitera

January 18, 2011

Let this twenty-first century reveal that the art of chivalry is dead. After a long and glorious history, this art has slowly but surely disappeared in most societies – specifically in America. Its existence marked the days of respect and appreciation for women by the male gender.
The art of chivalry served as a mark of honor for women everywhere. It was a world-wide esteem that young men learned from their mothers and father for years. Examples were provided everywhere for young men when it came to growing up knowing the art of chivalry. Fathers were the main representation of this art, and if there wasn’t a father present there were other male figures that young men learned from. Society was the classroom for chivalry.
Chivalry has been demonstrated in various ways throughout history. Men often went off to war not just to defend their country but to fight for the women they loved, and even those that they didn’t. Chivalry was demonstrated by men standing when a woman walked in the room or giving up his seat for a lady. A man would lend a hand for a lady as she gracefully got onto her horse, stood as she walked in the room, or the simple gesture of holding the door open for her as she passed through were all examples of chivalry. That is: polite, kind, and respectful gestures to show women that they are special and cared for.
There are various reasons why chivalry began to decline. Although the woman’s movement in the 1970’s had many positive effects to society, one negative effect was upon chivalry. Throughout history women have always expected and appreciated the art of chivalry; however, the woman’s movement demanded that it stop and men let it slide. What once made a lady feel special was turned into making a lady seem weak. This played a huge role, if not the largest, in the death of chivalry in America.
Chivalry has played a wonderful role in society throughout the years; however, it was not long enough and will be greatly missed. There is a secret desire in many women to fine a chivalrous man, though in America it is lost. Let this be the mark of a tragic day: Chivalry is dead.


January 19, 2010

What would you do if your son was taken away from you?  What if you knew he was going to come back and kill you and your family?  This is a reality for hundreds of families across the world. (B. Kunker)