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What is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me …E. Privitera

January 22, 2011

The words “I love you” are often thrown around on a careless whim when someone does something funny or pays us a compliment. But how many of us truly love that person or think about what love truly means? If you ask the average person, “What is love?” you will most likely be given answers that involve common phrases such as: “caring about someone” or “putting others before yourself.” Now, don’t get me wrong, these are very true and all a part of loving others; however, loves goes much deeper than many realize, or would like to admit.
When I first read the “love chapter” of the Bible, I Corinthians 13, I have to confess that I thought then what I thought up until very recently – that’s how God loves me. Granted, it certainly is and it reaches far and above, but as many times as I heard that passage and thought “that’s perfect love, I could never attain that,” I never considered trying despite that.
Just a few months ago I was struggling and God plopped I Corinthians 13 right in front of me. As I read, my eyes were opened to what the words were saying, “Love is patient…it does not envy…it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered…love never fails.” There are so many other aspects to love than that, too. It made me question, “Am I truly loving others?” the answer was – No. Yes, I did love people but I wasn’t loving them as my Heavenly Father says I should – I wasn’t loving them adequately.
Now, here’s a question to munch on: If everyone loved like this passage tells us to, how many people would be able to say, “Nobody loves me,” at the end of the day? Of course, such a perfect love can never be reached by man, but what if everyone just tried? Even a small group could make a difference – even one.
So, I ask: “What is love?” Love is exactly what I Corinthians 13 says it is. A love like that can never, and will never, fail. How could you go wrong? Love people like that and, baby, people won’t have to worry about getting hurt no more!