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Fashion, Fad or Foolish?

March 21, 2014

leisure suit

by Andrew Moore

As a guy, fashion is one thing that I do not understand. It changes constantly, and if you’re not wearing the “cool” thing then you’re out of style. One day one thing is big, the next day you’re a loser if you’re wearing it. I prefer a  t–shirt and shorts,  but I digress. However, as much as I am not interested in fashion, there is one thing that is “fashionable” that I think is completely ridiculous. This is the “pants on the ground” phenomenon.



A Leg-Up on Leggings

November 25, 2009

Before I was born, leggings seemed to be a fashion statement among girls and women.  Leggings either proved to be a positive addition to one’s wardrobe, or an addition gone terribly wrong…        K. Cospito




What’s Up with Crocs?

November 25, 2009

The fashions of modern society are on a continuous road to keep ahead of themselves. One must always make sure the style they are designing today is better than the one someone put out yesterday. With the high expectations set in today’s society sometimes the fashions miss the high mark. One of the fashions that have missed the mark is the “sensible” and “practical” Crocs…K. Goodrich (more…)