Andrew Moore

I can be a tough character to figure out. There’s one side to me that’s totally quiet, completely unassuming and someone who doesn’t like to be noticed. On the other hand, there is a side to me that likes to tell bad jokes and sing show tunes around the house. In all honesty, how long you’ve known me determines which side of me you’ll see. If I’ve just met you, I might not even make an effort to talk to you. On the flip side, if I’ve known you for 11 years then you might even consider me obnoxious.

Amidst my sometimes changing personality, there is one thing that I always strive to be constantly; this is my desire to follow Christ. I don’t always say or do the right thing, but the desire to honor my Savior is present all the time. Sure, I can be completely quiet or I can be a total goofball, but I always seek to be passionate about serving my God.


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