A Word from “The Boss”

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Take a compilation of essays written by different authors from a variety of time periods with varying purposes, one group of high school seniors and one English teacher who hopes her students will catch a glimpse of what writing can do.  Mix them all together and the journalistic experiment of “An Upstate State of Mind” is created.  These are “my kids,”– at least for this year.  They are learning about the importance of writing and the power of words by reading what others have to say and then adding their own thoughts to the world of cyberspace words.  What each one has to say are his or her own ideas as seen through the eyes of a high school student.  They are learning about the real world, families, politics, power, emotions by watching and listening to adults (like you and me, for instance).   Want to know what they think?  Then have a read.  We invite you to comment, to give your perspective.   Your words have power, too.–power to shut down communication or encourage or open eyes to see another side.

                                                                                                                 ”The Boss”


One Comment on “A Word from “The Boss””

  1. B Strevy Says:

    First comment woo!

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