The Force of Power: An Essay in the Style of Francis Bacon

   by Natalie Nold

Power, craved by many men, is the cursed prize that can destroy their character.              power image

The best leader is a humble servant to those he leads; often, the best leaders do not wish to lead but carry out their duties as best they can.                                                                                                    

Mr. Washington, the first and most honored president of the United States, displayed great wisdom when he limited his rule to eight years, while his citizens asked that he become king.

Wisdom must be used to balance power because wisdom will keep a man from abusing power. Lord Acton, an English writer of the nineteenth century, observed, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is true, because no man possesses the absolute wisdom to balance absolute power. Only the One who is the source of all wisdom could correctly handle such power.

How does a man gain wisdom to balance power? By listening to advice. After Iscarus became druThenk with the power of flight, he sealed his doom by spiting his father’s instruction and attempting to reach the sun. Power appears glorious when viewed from below; power appears treacherous to those who have fallen from it.

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