Of Travel: An Essay in the style of Francis Bacon

by Janie Frank

travel3Travel is very important in an individual’s growth as it has a very broad range of effects on a person. It teaches one about the world, creates an appreciation for natural beauty, and heightens one’s feelings of curiosity.

It’s possible that traveling – both the departure from familiar, habitual areas and the arrival in strange, alien lands – can teach a person more than schooling or any other form of education. The smallest, most insignificant of trips can tell one about countless subjects. One can learn about geography through the viewing and understanding of different climates and areas. Travel teaches about anthropology as a visitor to a new land observes the behaviors, traditions, and attitudes of the people of that land. Travel can even impart art as different forms of expressing oneself and its various effects are seen throughout the world.

Fresh surroundings can cause someone to gawk at nature’s incomparable splendor. However, surroundings can also remind a person of the extraordinary beauty of one’s home. A person who travels to a fat land may realize how easily he has taken for granted the mountainous landscape of his homeland.  Just like Conrad suddenly found himself recognizing the difference between the Congo and his homeland of Great Britain, a traveler will often find that he realizes new things about his home during the time away.

Perhaps the most important thing travel can do is enhance one’s curiosity. It only makes sense that the more a person travels, the more that person will learn. However, the more a person learns, the more he wants to make new discoveries, study, and the desire to absorb information seems to grow. Curiosity is good for the soul. It creates a remedy for the monotonous routines of everyday life and provides stimulating thoughts that will ultimately lead to revelations.

The countless benefits of travel are truly magnificent. Travel changes one’s life if one is only open to the change.

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