Fashion, Fad or Foolish?

leisure suit

by Andrew Moore

As a guy, fashion is one thing that I do not understand. It changes constantly, and if you’re not wearing the “cool” thing then you’re out of style. One day one thing is big, the next day you’re a loser if you’re wearing it. I prefer a  t–shirt and shorts,  but I digress. However, as much as I am not interested in fashion, there is one thing that is “fashionable” that I think is completely ridiculous. This is the “pants on the ground” phenomenon.

For some reason, a large percentage of the male population thinks it is cool to wear pants that drop below their waist. Even more ridiculous than this, some of them even wear belts while doing it.  I mean, what is the point of wearing a belt if you’re going to show off your underwear anyway?  Now, not everyone wears their pants in such a fashion, and I applaud these people for their choice.  I occasionally forget to wear a belt sometimes, and I feel ridiculous all day.

In addition to making yourself look like a complete fool, and exposing others to the unpleasant reality of your underwear, wearing your pants low has other disadvantages that come with it as well. For one thing, almost any activity becomes harder when you have to be constantly pulling your pants up. For another thing, people judge each other all the time by their appearance.  Not only would I (if I was an employer) be less likely to give someone a job who dresses like this, but I also might consider them to be… well… a gangster. This assumption might prove to be 100 percent factually inaccurate, but you never know. Gangsters used to wear suits and ties; now they wear backwards hats and low riding pants. Like I said, I don’t understand fashion trends.

Fashion constantly swings from one thing to another. I can’t even keep track of all the changes that occur. Then again, I don’t really place being up-to-date on my fashion tips high up on my list of priorities. However, the “pants on the ground” phenomenon has been around a little too long for comfort. It doesn’t seem like even a badly written song on American Idol can stop people from making fools of themselves. Let’s just hope that the unseen tide of fashion changes soon, so we can all open our eyes again.

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