A Life Changing Choice

by Lexie Holmes

Abortion, stated as the right to choose, is morally incorrect and should be considered murder. Pro-abortionists imagesbelieve that a woman is not free until given the right to control  her own body. However, the baby is an individual, uniquely and wonderfully created at the time of conception. The baby is no longer part of the “woman’s body,” but is a  human.

The unborn baby has a specific plan even in the mother’s womb. If a mother kills a two year old, the charge the mother would receive would be murder. In that same way,  abortion is the killing of a child. An unborn baby has potential and value, in addition to a purpose and a plan designed by the Creator. For Americans to believe abortion should  even be considered a choice is disturbing. “I notice that all the people who support  abortion are already born” (Ronald Reagan). The supporters who are taking the lives away from unborn children already have been given the chance to live. These supporters have had the opportunity to achieve goals and become successful in life, while taking that same liberty away from the unborn.

Americans that support abortion, and those who have had an abortion, believe it is an act of love and is for the sake of the child. Pro-abortionists raise the question, ” If the child cannot be provided for properly, why bring it into the world?”  If pro-abortionists truly loved the baby, why would killing the unborn child be the only solution?   The reasoning is similar to an individual who says they love chocolate cake, but then throws out a piece when given one. That wouldn’t seem logical.  For this very reason, pro-life supporters see that abortion is not an act of love, but rather an act of selfishness. Abortion does not teach  love, but instead supports a choice of convenience.

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