Time to Reflect

by Taylor DeMarco

Now that my senior year is about half way complete, it’s a good time to reflect on how much has changed in the past five months. I am still happy with the classes that I have chosen, and also very excited for the new classes of the second semester.

My stress has drastically gone down since I was excepted into college, which also has given me more motivation to excel in the few remaining months of high school life. Ironically, being accepted into college obviously also comes with its own fears of depending on myself for the first time, and the responsibility that comes with it.

I’ve also noticed that I have gone through major growths in both my spirituality and maturity. My faith has become much stronger and continues to get stronger every day. This growth comes from my willingness to listen to others when they share their message about God, as well as a desire to learn more on my own. As for my maturity, I handle things in life with both greater care and seriousness. Whether it be problems or issues that need to be resolved or just basic mundane daily tasks, my attitude has improved in both how I react to the world around me and how my opinions have changed on matters like music or politics.

Before I became saved, my music choices tended to have dark or grotesque meanings, and even after I gave my life to Jesus my music habits stayed the same. But over the last few months they have really diversified to many other genres and have much lighter content matter. My political views have also changed almost completely. I did not pay much attention to politics until the last few years, but after my acceptance of Jesus I would identify myself as a Republican. However, I’ve begun to take mixed political viewpoints between Liberalism and Conservatism, or basic Republican ideals or basic Democratic ideals.

It is very surreal to look back and think about how much I’ve changed and developed into my own person and what those changes are, given that it has only been just five short months. My senior year of high school has thus far been full of personal change and growth, and I cannot wait to finish out this final year and see how I will continue to change as I move into the next stage of my life.

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