Letter to My Daughter (2040)

by Julia Clark

“In my daughter’s eyes I can see the future, a reflection of who I am and what will be. Though she’ll grow and someday leave, maybe raise a family. When I’m gone I hope you see how happy she made me, for I’ll be there in my daughter’s eyes.”

-Martina McBride

What a joy it has been all of these years to watch you grow and mature into the woman you are today. From the moment you came into this world, I made a promise to myself that I would raise you right and instill wisdom into every fiber of your being in hopes of your future success. But now, as you are about to enter the next stage of your life, I feel that I have not yet completed my job until I have given you a few more pieces of advice. As you often do, I pray that you listen to what I tell you and take it to heart, just as I did many years ago when my mother spoke these words to me.

I start this letter off on a most important topic. Please allow yourself to make mistakes. The good Lord made it so no human being is perfect for a reason; we are to give Him glory upon every victory and failure. While victories are wonderful, the effect is temporary.  If anything, recognize the failures as blessings; they build character which lasts an eternity. Whether the failure is prompted by a bad decision or wrong motive, learn from the process and vow to never go down that path again.  If you happen to make a mistake, do not be hard on yourself; it is not the end of the world. Just get right back up and seize the day. I cannot even begin to express to you how grateful I am for the many times I have failed throughout my life. Since I acknowledged what caused me to fail in each situation, I learned never to make that mistake again, allowing me to be who I am now; I wish the same to you.

Surely, the grayer I have grown, the more beautiful you have become. There is no doubt in my mind that once you leave this house and emerge from under my protective wing, there will be many men wanting to take you as their wife. While this may be flattering for a moment, you must remember to never give your heart to any man who does not see you as God sees you. You are more precious than the finest gem and you deserve to be treated as such; do not waste your time on any man who does not agree with me on this subject. Also, do not be too quick to fall in love.  You are something special, and you have a lot to offer to the right man. Keep in mind your value and never settle; you deserve to get everything you want in life.

Intuition is a blessing and do not let it go to waste; it is a way for our Lord to guide us through life. Whether it’s concerning love or any major life decision, you need to trust your intuition. Through this feeling, you will be led to your true purpose in life. If you happen to meet a man someday who you are attracted to and you feel a strong tug at your heart to act upon it,  give it a try, as there is a good chance he may be your future husband. In the meantime, waiting for this “strong tug” may seem tedious, but  love will find you and when it comes, it’s all worth it. Please, I beg of you, do not marry for the wrong reasons! With the absence of love and the wrong intentions, a relationship is guaranteed to fail.

While I wish you the greatest delicacies in all the world, success is not the key to happiness. Surround yourself with those who lift you up, rather than bring you down. The greatest happiness in life is not material items, which tend to come and go any time they please. The greatest happiness is the love of a Godly man, precious children, and great friends. Please never take your eyes off God. Through Him you can be the best wife and mother possible, ensuring a happy home no matter what. As you are my only daughter, I cherish you  and wish you the happiest and most fulfilling life.

As I conclude this letter, I pray that you listen to my counsel. No matter where you go in this life, I urge you to remember that people come and go very quickly, but family is forever. Friends may leave many a scar in your heart, but I assure you that your family will always be there to mend your wounds. I love you so very much and please stay safe as you enter out into this world on your own.

Love Forever and Always,

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