A Time to Reflect

by Rachel Kunker

            If you blink too fast, you’ll realize life goes by faster than time.  Looking back on the life I’ve led, I never anticipated my current time to actually approach. If someone had told me I was going to be readying myself for graduation or moving on to college, I would’ve simply nodded and thought to myself they didn’t understand how far off those times were for me.

However, I currently find myself already halfway through my senior year of high school. I now realize that I have nothing to do but acknowledge the ever-present time and express my gratitude for the life I have had. Spending the past twelve years of my life in the same school, I feel that the school has become part of me. Now that I can see who my school has shaped me to be, I wouldn’t have chosen to change any part of it. Even though the years through school seemed to drag along, I now see that time never slowed down, or paused for me to truly treasure the moments while I was in them.

Looking back at the life I’ve had, though, is almost a way to stop time. Although the time has flown by, I am still able to recall memorable moments in my life.  Through reminiscing over the times and friends and moments I’ve had, I have been able to value my life and to comprehend the value of life above the value of time. Now that my graduation date is approaching, I’m learning to value not only my past memories, but to also cherish each and every day that time graciously allows me to live through.

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