A Senior Reflection

by Audrey Humphrey

The first half of my senior year has come to an end. While the year so far has gone by very fast, the days earlier in the year seemed to move extremely slow.  I experienced my first “lasts” of my high school career: my last high school retreat and last winter concert. Even though I knew they were the last times I would be participating in those activities, in my heart they truly didn’t feel like the last, and I now understand sooner or later the feelings will come crashing in.

 The first time I honestly began to realize the end of high school was coming occurred while taking senior pictures. Taking the pictures made me feel a little sad. At that point I actually felt like a senior and realized soon life will change drastically. Don’t get me wrong, I will be very glad when I finally receive my diploma and leave high school behind, because, honestly, who wants to relive their high school years? Also the prospect of beginning my own life is rather appealing. Certain aspects of school I will miss, though.  My class consists of twenty people and we are closely knit to say the least. I’ve known six of my classmates for thirteen years. I’ll definitely miss seeing them every day and the unique personality each individual bears. In a very literal sense, I consider my class as my second family, and it is always sad to part ways with family members.  I want to appreciate every moment I have with my classmates, because I truly understand now that those moments will not be nearly as frequent as we leave high school behind.

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