A Reflection: New Year–New Plan

Wow! What changes a year brings,  it’s remarkable! You know, it’s funny. To some, a year is simply time in itself–twelve months, fifty-two weeks, three hundred sixty-five days, all lived in fast forward.  But to me, these last twelve months, fifty-two weeks, three hundred sixty-five days have been truly life-changing.     This time last year, I was a junior in high school who was focused on my family, my friends, and, to be honest, like every other teenage girl, getting a date to my Junior Banquet. While all of those things are fine and great, this past year has really forced me to focus on other things, like being serious and realistic about my future. I have found that the decisions I was making then are far different from the ones I am making now.

To start, last year, I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to go off to college and become an elementary school teacher. I was going to marry a guy that I had known for a while and we were going to live happily ever after. Boy, was I wrong! I can hear the tires screech as my life was about to take a huge unexpected turn. While planning my future according to what I thought was best, God was stringing together a whole other path for me to take that, in hindsight, is proving to be a lot better than what I could have imagined.

As 2011 progressed, God really started to unveil the plans He had for me. The guy that I thought would someday be my husband is no longer in my life and, thankfully, at just the right time God opened my eyes to my true passion–healthcare.     Thinking about this still amazes me to this day. All of my life I wanted to be a teacher, and as I grew older I anticipated it more and more; I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. So much so that when I was given an opportunity to work with young kids in a classroom setting, I couldn’t wait to start! This opportunity was sure to give me experience and joy; or so I thought.     Ironically enough, I hated it!  After a couple days, I knew that being a teacher was not in the cards for me. You can imagine how frightening this was. There I was approaching senior year, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life anymore. So, the only thing I knew to do at the time was pray, and I asked my parents to join me.     This is when it gets good. Upon spending many days praying for God to show me what career He wants me to pursue and what school to attend to accomplish that, I started to feel that maybe I should look into nursing. Not really sure if the “inkling” was just me or if God was trying to tell me something, I decided to pray about it more, just to see. A couple of weeks later, my mom and I were in a nail salon and we ran into two women who were getting their nails done in preparation for their nursing school graduation that evening. They told us all about the nursing program and even exactly how to go about becoming a nurse. The funny thing was, one of the women originally went to school to be a teacher but couldn’t find a job and was much happier being a nurse. There is no denying that God used these women to confirm that He wants me to become a nurse!

So with all of this said, God has really brought me a long way in this last year. Instead of going off to become a teacher, I will soon be enrolling in nursing school, quite contrary to my beliefs last year.  And I am even more excited about being a nurse than I ever was in becoming a teacher!     I am so incredibly grateful for this past year in my life. Being in high school, it can be so hard to discern which college to attend, what to major in, and which path to take in life. I give God all the glory for preparing a future for me, and I cannot thank my parents enough for encouraging and supporting me during this time.

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