Leaves of Life

by Audrey Humphrey

Every year leaves change color. They begin young and strong with the color green in spring. As summer rolls in, the leaves grow to the proper size. Their colors brighten in the face of autumn, soaking in the last rays of sun. The darkness of winter soon bears down as the leaves lose their color and float to the ground. The changing of colors occurs within a human life as well.

The green leaves display the strength and vitality of youth. Upon hearing the first cries of a newborn baby, an image of unheard strength comes to mind. The strength crying requires to expel such a tremendous sound from a tiny baby must be extreme. As the baby matures into a toddler a new energy possesses the body. The most challenging period, the terrible twos, displays the constant energy pulsing through the child’s veins, as toddlers tear through the house leaving destruction in his wake.

As the toddler matures, as a leaf in summer, the child’s development flourishes physically and mentally. The child receives nourishment not only for the body but for the mind through an education. Each year of adolescence adds a few inches to height and a larger appetite appears as the child grows.  Teachers enlighten the mind to greater, more complex systems. The mind develops from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division and finally to the understanding of subjects such as algebra, geometry and trigonometry. A child’s experiences are “green” or new all the time, learning from each accomplishment and mistake.

As the child ages near adulthood new colors begin to appear. The new adult distinguishes beliefs and values apart from parents and peers. The person knows the consequences of past mistakes and understands life to be a learning experience. As he or she continues to mature the colors become richer and show signs of age. The hair changes from dark to white but the heart appreciates each moment it keeps beating.

Unfortunately, winter follows autumn. The body starts to fade as he or she foresees the coming days. Illness and weakness attack the body like the wind on a wintry day. The more the wind blows the harder the body tries to cling on. The body soon finds after a long fight the time has come to surrender. Just as humans mourn over the bare trees of winter, so do they mourn the loss of life as a human gets lowered in the ground.

Human lives are just as colorful, cheerful and sometimes sad as seen in the colors of the leaves.  Human life passes by as fast as the changing colors of leaves. With the passing of each winter, though, returns spring bringing back joy and happiness from sorrow and grief.

No one desires to look back at the end of his or her life and see a life full of regrets. Make the most of each moment given and make sure it counts and lasts. Life is short-lived; ensure each moment is appreciated.

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