To My Son: Cautions Before War …M. Kelly

My Dear Boy,
As this new phase of life dawns upon us, I fear that I have not adequately covered the things on which a mother ought to instruct her son. The journey you are about to embark on as you go off to war is unlike anything I ever dreamed you would encounter. What you are doing for your country is of the highest honor and loyalty. I am so thankful that your good character has led you to make this decision. I know your father would be proud to see you defending those that cannot defend themselves. His greatest desire was that you would grow to be a man that always took the higher road.

This leads me to the main point of this letter. As you go off to war, I pray that you will keep on the higher road. As I have expressed, your decision to go to war is an excellent decision on that higher road. Do not let upright choices vanish in the midst of your intense situation. The higher road will not always be the easiest road. Other opportunities and pathways will many times seem easier, but you must not compromise what you know to be right.

At the age of eighteen, you will have friends that will try to distract you from what you know to be right. Do not buckle to these influences. Your generation has so much potential just waiting to bloom, but too many times you and your friends do not even realize how your little choices distract you from achieving your potential. Take guard against perverse language, inappropriate content of conversation, and disgruntled spirits. Although these things seem small and insignificant in the physical fight that ensues you, if they are not guarded against, they will ruin your reputation and your life before you blink. It is important to choose friends that encourage you to do right. You will encounter many people that seem well-liked but would quickly take you away from the right.

The most important protection against straying from the higher path is your own determination. If you lack this and do not commit in your heart to staying on the higher road, you will quickly stray. Since you were a child you have desired to do right. Your spirit was so crushed when you thought you had disappointed me. You fought to be a strong, yet quiet example to those around you in order to honor authority. This decision of fighting for your country proves to me once again that this is still your goal in life. Do not lose this!

Each day you are gone, you will not be far from my mind. I will continuously be thinking of you and the joy you bring to my life. Thank you for not only honoring me with you life decisions, but living a life that reflects the character of your father. I am so proud to call you my son. Keep on the higher road.

Your Loving Mother

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