Growing up …C. Quirion

Young children strive towards it while adults run away from it. The looming idea of getting older is always present in people’s minds. But when does one transition from being excited about the future to dreading every passing year?

As a child, I always looked up to my older sister and mimicked everything she did. In some ways, I feel like this almost harmed me. Instead of going outside and playing with my friends, I spent my time doing my hair or attempting to put on make-up in order to make myself look older. I always dreamed about growing up and how exciting it would be to get out and enjoy my life.

But here I sit, in my senior year of high school, reminiscing about the past and I desperately long to go back. I want to be able to depend on my parents to make all my decisions for me and to not have any worries in the world. I miss the foolish innocence and ever-present joy that comes from being a child. People always tell me that I have my whole life ahead of me, and even though I know this is true, I can’t help but want to go back in time and relive my past.

Although it may seem somewhat premature, I feel that my transition has already begun to take place. I am excited for the years to come but I also am realizing that I will never be able to get my childhood back. With this in mind I have set up a sufficient goal for myself. I plan on not spending my time living in the past or worrying about the future, but taking each day as it comes and making the most of it. I challenge you to do the same.

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