Meditation on a Volleyball …by Clara Quirion

A volleyball, which at one time was beautiful and new, now lies deflated and defiled in the corner of the gym. In its earlier days, the ball was lively and fresh, without flaw. Its smooth leather covering and soft texture helped it stand out against the older, stiff volleyballs. The ball was able to accomplish everything and achieve many victories. It was at one time used by the team for every game because of its superior quality; but now it sits, waiting for someone to acknowledge it or for some little child to pick it up to play. All alone, the ball yearns to get another chance to relive the past and make changes so that it doesn’t end up like this.

While I stared at the poor volleyball it came to me that man is just like this ball. Man begins his life full of energy and a desire to be successful. The innocence and pure character are at first present, but they soon get taken over by the corruptness in the soul. His life is then spent focusing his time and emotions on achieving success. Once he savors the sweet taste of this success, he becomes prideful and obtains a mindset that he has the ability to accomplish everything on his own, without help. The volleyball forgot that it was the players that actually won the games, not the ball itself. Often times man forgets about those people who help them achieve this success. Parents, friends, teachers, and others can all be left behind because pride gets in the way. Eventually, this pride leads to man’s demise and he ends up being all alone. Just like the ball, he yearns to go back in time to change the way his ego took control of his life. Instead of completing his life feeling accomplished, a sense of failure takes its place.

The volleyball began with the perfect amount air in it which led to its success. By the end, however, most of the air had been sucked out and it lay there almost completely flat. Just like the ball, this can happen to humans as well. We are so prone to being successful that once a devastating event or injury happens it’s as though everything is sucked out of us. Such events leave us questioning why it had to happen. These questions show the pride in us as well. When things don’t go exactly as planned, we wonder why we were “chosen” instead of someone else.

A volleyball, one would say, is a symbol of man’s prideful spirit. Man spends so much time trying to be successful that he eventually becomes corrupt. Just like the volleyball, no one wants to be around a man with such a defiled spirit. Eventually, a volleyball is either completely forgotten or thrown out because it has been replaced by another. In this same way, a prideful man is left to live out his days alone because he pushed away everything he had left in his life.

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