Beauty from the inside out …by Hannah Coffin

Beauty is something that has been constantly searched for since Ponce de Leon scoured Florida for the fountain of youth. Society today has a warped view on beauty. They search for the person who has the most beautiful outward appearance and rank them in the top 100 hottest celebrities. True beauty stems from the inside and magnifies or diminishes what the outside has to offer. The most beautiful woman in the world could have the nastiest personality. Who wants to be around that?

Confidence and self esteem are key. Once a woman understands how to be happy in her own skin and take care of herself, her confidence will grow and blossom. Confidence is something that flows outward from the inside and translates into poise and collection. Most girls struggle deeply with this and fill the void with something else that makes them feel as though they are attractive and accepted. Girls who lack confidence cannot make eye contact during a conversation or walk into a busy room with their heads up. Without confidence women lose an important facet of inner beauty.

Beauty is also characterized by strength. A strong woman is able to deal with tough situations such as death, divorce and day-to-day struggles with a genuine smile on her face. She is content in her circumstances, does not complain and looks to the positive aspects of the situation. This makes a woman radiantly beautiful from the inside. Without strength women become anxious and whine-y; no one wants to be around somebody like that, no matter how they look on the outside.

Society has placed the focus of beauty on the wrong part of a woman. The inner character, including confidence and self-esteem, is the most crucial component for true womanly beauty. The inside floods outward and can erode a beautiful woman, or refresh and renew a woman’s appearance. A woman’s beauty will be determined from the inside out, not the other way around.

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