Are You Dreaming?

What is a dream anyway? What makes it different from a wish? Hope? Is it the thing that you dream for, dream about? It is possibly that “dream” implies that this thing of desire is unattainable.                      (H. Frazer) 

 But is anything truly unattainable? Maybe we only call things dreams because we psych ourselves out of reaching a goal.  Or perhaps we assume these things we want are so ridiculous we shouldn’t actually try to get them.

Nonetheless, to have a dream is considered a positive thing, correct? To be able to dream is a sign of growth.  To be able to think for oneself is a sign of independence.  To reach for those goals is what builds our character, who we are, what we will become. Whether we achieve those dreams or not, depends on the kind of person we develop into in the process.

Perhaps, in light of this, it can be said that to dream is the dream. We want to become better, stronger, harder-working people (usually) and by reaching for our dreams we ca become so.  Thus, if our desire is to grown, then we must dream. No matter what the dream may be, we will develop into the type of person we have to be in order to get whatever it is we want.

So what is a dream, but an excuse to be different than what we already are.

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