What would you do if your son was taken away from you?  What if you knew he was going to come back and kill you and your family?  This is a reality for hundreds of families across the world. (B. Kunker)
Young men are taken from their villages by rebel soldiers and forced to join their ranks.  They are beaten, forced to work all day, and are taught how to use a gun.  A few weeks later they might be taken back to their villages and be given a choice: kill their families or be killed themselves. Most of them choose the former because they don’t want to die and are left with no where to go because their village rejects them.  They are then left with one option: to stay with the rebel soldiers.  All hopes of a positive successful future are destroyed because a rebel army needed soldiers.  It wasn’t long ago that I had no idea of this problem, just one form of the many types of slavery in our world today.

God is against this injustice and challenges us to help end it.  There are many verses in the Bible that state that God is a God of justice.  In Isaiah 61:8 it says, “For I, the Lord, love justice.”  Psalm 9:16 says, “The Lord is known for His justice.”  God doesn’t want this happening in the world but because he gave us free will many people choose to do evil.  Many times in scripture He challenges us to help seek justice, rescue the oppressed, and help the poor.  Isaiah 1:17 tells us to, “Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed.  Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”  The young men are being forced into slavery and are being oppressed and beaten on all sides.  It is so mind blowing that this is still happening in the world.  If this was happening in the United States these rebel soldiers would be arrested and put in jail, but the truth is that not many people in America care about other countries and what happens in them.  Hundreds of kids around the globe are suffering through things we can’t even imagine.  Most of them have never even heard about God and His love for them.  They have no hope for a different or better life.  God challenges us, His disciples, to go help and free His children.  Everyone should want this injustice stopped.

You many feel like there is nothing you can do at all to help change this problem.  But there is always something you can do.  First off you can pray.  Ask God to help the children who are stuck in these situations to not lose hope.  Second you could go.  There are many organizations that go to different countries and try to work with and support week governments.  These organizations help increase the power of the police forces so they can find and stop these rebel groups.  If you can’t go then you can still pray that God will find others who are willing to go, or you could help support the organizations that send people out.  Pray that the governments of these countries will put an end to child soldiering.  And finally, pray that God will show Himself to the rebel leaders and they will see what they are doing is wrong.

Don’t be afraid to pray big and pray bold.  Remember, God can do anything He wants.  I believe God is willing and wants to stop this injustice; He just needs faithful servants to carry out His work.

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