Renaming A Rose?

“What’s in a name?” the famous question that plagues the hearts and minds of modern day Romeos and wanna-be Juliets extends even beyond the realm of romance and forbidden love.  The title you’re given means everything, whether you’re in agreement with it or not, or you happen to be in love or not.  When it comes to reputation, to uphold said title guides character and action.  To be called one thing when you wish to be called another is perhaps one of the greatest disappointments forced to be endured….
“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Sure that’s true, but Shakespeare doesn’t seem to realize that when a rose isn’t a rose, it’s not a rose!  Roses are notorious for being sweet-smelling and beautiful; a reputation.  The image formed upon the words “a dozen roses” is one of delight and maybe even envy, depending on who is receiving said roses.  If one were to say “a dozen Venus flytraps,” well, there would be a much less enthusiastic response.  Call a rose a Venus flytrap, and there’s sure to be some ill-feelings towards you.
The same principle applies to people.  Most of us want to be seen as, and actually be, good and upright people.  You want the image that pops up when people say your name to be a positive one.  When people talk about you, you want them to say, “Yeah, he’s a great guy!”  To be that one person, that when mentioned, the expressions o f those around become pained or condescending, is not what you want at all.  Therefore, we spend our time trying to actually be what we want people to see us as.  Our reputation, our title, our name, shapes who we become, who we are, and what we do.  If you want to be seen as courageous, you may go out and fight a battle.  Or from a negative aspect, if, for some strange reason, you want to be seen as scary and tough, you would walk around beating people up and swearing.  The titles we are given, the names we are given, describe who we are as people.  Call someone you know to be brave a coward, and you better be ready for their response.  Nonetheless, though we may strive to be something we are not, we may not necessarily reach our goal.
Some names can be changed.  A woman can marry into a prestigious family.  A man can be promoted from “employee” to “CEO,” or “President,” or a basketball player can work hard to earn the title “point guard.”  Other names, however, can never be changed.  A mother will always be a mother, and will always have the qualities and traits a mother can have.  A murderer will always be a murderer, carrying with them the connotations and shame accompanying such a name, no matter how hard they may work to hide it.
The Venus flytrap can be called a rose.  It can think like a rose, act like a rose, move like a rose, but that still does not make it a rose.

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