What’s Up with Crocs?

The fashions of modern society are on a continuous road to keep ahead of themselves. One must always make sure the style they are designing today is better than the one someone put out yesterday. With the high expectations set in today’s society sometimes the fashions miss the high mark. One of the fashions that have missed the mark is the “sensible” and “practical” Crocs…K. Goodrich

Crocs are labeled as a sensible shoe. So off of that one could raise the question as to what is so sensible about a shoe that looks like Swiss cheese? One who walks around in shoes with holes in the top cannot possibly, by any stretch of the imagination, think that their shoes are sensible. The purpose of a sensible shoe is not only to be comfortable but to keep the feet protected. One’s feet cannot be protected in a pair of Crocs. If, for example, it started to rain on a day when Crocs were one’s shoe choice for the day, the only comfort one would have is that the shoe would dry but their feet would surely be wet and cold for a while.

However, one can at a small amount appreciate the idea behind the comfort of a Croc. Those who have worn Crocs before swear by their comfort. I can personally support a comfortable shoe because we are all called to walk, so why not be comfortable? However I think all thoughts of comfort would be far from my mind if I was walking down the street in a pair of bright orange Crocs.

What people choose to wear with Crocs is also a strong matter for debate. In the summer, one can see children of all ages in the streets playing in white socks and tie-dye Crocs. Children are ok I feel because every one of us at some point had an unattractive fashion statement. However, I have no mercy on adults.  If one is going to make the foolish decision to wear Crocs in the first place, have at least the self respect not to pair them with white ankle socks, or in ANY CASE WHATSOEVER with a pair of long socks. Mind you, this rule most strongly applies when one is in shorts or warmer weather.

Also, if one is choosing to wear a pair of hot pink Crocs, or whatever other absurd colors they come in, please for the love of all things holy in this world, do not decide to wear a pair of orange shorts and a green shirt with them. I am pleading this case from eye-witness experience. At least have the courtesy to match the crazy colors. People who do not match have the thought that “no one is watching” or “no one cares what I look like,” and that at some points is true. However, the one saying those things should. One should have enough pride and self confidence to care what they look like. Usually, the ones with the thoughts of, “I don’t care what I look like” are the ones who need to care the most.

Now on a positive note, Crocks do hold a small place on the practical scale. If one is a gardener or a chef, I can see the use of a pair of comfortable, air circulatory pair of Crocs. If one, for example, gets them dirty in their garden, a simple hose off and they are ready for the next garden run. However it is out of these specified uses when Crocs become the eyesore they truly are.

If one owns a pair of Crocs, it is my deepest and most sincere plea to please get rid of them. Crocs are not the only practical and comfortable pair of shoes out there. I beg you, if one is not going to get rid of their Crocs only wear them for days when you are not in the public eye, and yes, that includes the grocery store. We have been given such a wide variety of beautiful and sensible footwear in this modern society. Don’t waste the opportunity to buy a cute and sensible pair of sandals or sneakers with a bulky and hole-filled pair of Crocs. For it is my personal observation that just because one thing is in style does not mean it is stylish.

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One Comment on “What’s Up with Crocs?”

  1. Nurse 1 Says:

    I can’t believe the prices people pay for these silly shoes.. I am surprised there are not more injuries since they really don’t fit the foot. My daughter wears them to garden and for that they are good. Love you subject!!

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