Inaugural Address – 2028

waiting to speak

Is this country growing into what the Founders desired for us to become?     Are we the same country, or are we different, and more importantly, do these differences make a lasting impression on us as a country? ….

(Cody Casullo)



My fellow Americans, the times we face now are more different then they have ever been. Times are changing. However, it is in these troubling times we must not fall apart. The factions which continue to grow and change are beginning to become too myriad. It is in the times set before now us that we, both as a people and as a country must make a choice. It is a choice to either continue in the direction we are headed, or stop and reflect. Is this country becoming what the Founding Fathers desired for us to become? Are we the same country, or are we different, and more importantly, do these differences make a lasting impression on us as a country?

My answer is yes.

We, as a nation have changed over the years and the centuries; often for the better, but in recent times these changes have been for the worse. It seems that everyday these changes bring our country further and further away from what its destiny was meant to be.

Foreign nations, enemies of the United States, have begun looking at us not in fear or respect but with indignity. That has changed too. The superpower we once were has dwindled to a dimming candle.

As the economy struggles and questions arise everyday, the choice we must make grows more and more imminent. However, my fellow Americans, if we chose to stop in the path we have taken and examine our career as a country and our history as a nation we will see the need for real change. I am not talking of change for the sake of the change, but for a reinvention of the American dream. Or, more correctly stated, a requisition of what the American dream once was. I do not speak of this change lightly either. It is not a change to make you as a people aware of what is going on, but a change to make you active. Thinking about change is not really thinking at all. It’s just as good as day-dreaming. This change I speak of is real and will reform the mold of America into its rightful structure.

As a nation we are trying to run before we have even learned how to crawl. Over the last century we have slowly moved more and more away from the ideals that once birthed and developed our nation. If we as a country re-examine our past we will see that we can go forward into the future. I am just a single man, and I will not be able to do it by myself. But, with you, the people alongside me, we can overcome any obstacle that stands before us. We are America! We do not move on the will of just one man, but on the will of the people. So I ask you, America, to fall in step with me on a quest for an older America, a better America.

You must remember that while this seems the end to a country we all know, all ends are merely beginnings. Therefore, change will rebirth the nation that was once the most powerful and most desired home in the world. We will once again be great and we will be great together.

This change will not only be of our thinking and our values as a country and a people but of our entire way of life. It will be hard and it will be difficult. It is not meant to be easy. This is why we must all be behind it, together. We must make small changes in each and everyone one of our daily lives, conscious and effort-driven changes. Today we begin to become what America was and what America can and should be.

Today is the end of an era and rebirth of an epoch. Today we as a nation and a people will reclaim our past glory and our past triumph. This is not something which should be undertaken lightly. It is a reversion in some ways and progression in others. To become what we once were, we must move past what we have become. We, as America, and more importantly– perhaps the most important–, as the people of America, must move on our own behalf. No one will do it for us. We must step forward and make this choice – the choice to change, We must, my fellow Americans, take this step and make this choice today!

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